True Heart Products

Our founder has a heart to serve, especially to those that need it the most. While helping to care for her grandmother back in 2013 the two ladies began talking about the importance of caring for family and serving others. 

Beginning as an exclusive home care agency in 2014 the goal was clear, provide exceptional care to homebound clients & their families. Fast forward to 2017, at the advice of her mentor Denise sought to match the exceptional care with exceptional quality products focusing greatly on the overall health of those using them.

Certified as a U.S. minority women-owned small business with big ideas, product research & development began in 2017

All starting with a dream to produce quality products that make life better, easier, and healthier for everyone, True Heart Products was assumed in 2021 and the journey began, manufacturing its personal care product line, beginning with True Wipes. 

During the 2020 pandemic, a decision was made to pivot towards  becoming a leading provider of mission-critical products of personal protective equipment. Thus, the sourcing division was formed to better serve both businesses & government agencies.

True Heart Products is positioning itself to become agents of change and great champions of social entrepreneurship. Manufacturing, sourcing, and supplying sustainable, healthier products, hiring within underserved communities, and supporting non-profits that empower  others. We are a small business with the heart of a big business. We care about people, and want to help you work better.